Melania Wore Them First!: Melania Trump Ridiculed, Kamala Harris Praised After Wearing Same Timberland Boots

Kamala Harris was praised for wearing Timberland boots while surveying the devastation caused by the wildfires in California. Meanwhile, Melania Trump was slammed by the media for wearing the same boots two years ago.

More from International Business Times:

Vice presidential candidate Harris sported Timberland boots on Wednesday while surveying the devastation left behind by the California wildfires. Her footwear of choice was a welcome treat to the press and was met with praise. On the other hand, the first lady rocked the same iconic boots back in  2018 during a visit to troops in Iraq but was criticized, Fox News reported.

Amy Kremer, the co-founder for Women for Trump, aired her sentiments about the issue in a series of tweets. In one post, she shared snaps of two headlines on Melania and Harris wearing the same boots.

“I’ve never seen such media bias in my life… Over #timberland boots! Freaking shoes people. Shoes!” she wrote.

“It’s no wonder the American people don’t trust the media,” Kremer added in another tweet.

“I know this isn’t really about the boots. But the boots show the extreme #mediabias. The media will go to any length to push their own agenda. This is disgusting. As I said in an earlier tweet, it’s no wonder Americans don’t trust them,” she concluded.

While the press has nothing but praises for Harris, the netizens have mixed opinions about the political candidate following Melania’s fashion cues. One claimed Harris wanted to look like Melania. Another said that aside from the boots, Joe Biden’s VP copied Melania’s jacket but failed.

“Melania looks better in the timberlands than Kamala so you can just compare the photos. No reason to compare because Melania is a part of trump. The media had to prop up Kamala since she does not really look sophisticated in the timberlands LOL,” one wrote.




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