Oklahoma Burger King Employee Fired After Refusing to Serve Deaf Woman

An Oklahoma mother who is deaf recorded a Burger King employee refusing to accept her order at the drive-thru because the restaurant was “too busy” to accommodate her hearing impairment.

Rachel Hollis shared video footage of the Aug. 21 incident, when an employee at an Oklahoma City Burger King slipped her a note through the drive-thru window that read “Can’t do a full order at the window. Too busy.”

Hollis told KFOR that she had just picked up her two sons from hockey practice when she stopped at the fast-food restaurant. Because she is deaf, she typed out her order on her cell phone, which she said she does often. But this time it wasn’t good enough.

“I show him my order, and he gives me this face of frustration,” she recalled to KFOR.

The employee told her, “You have to come inside. It is too busy. Too busy, ma’am …it has nothing to do with your disability. I have a disability too.”

A Burger King released a statement that the employee in the video has been fired.

Social media users weighed in on the incident, calling the employee’s behavior “sick” and “outrageously wrong.” Now, employees at the Burger King location are expected to undergo sensitivity training, KFOR reported.

“They have to train their employees, ’cause this is going to continue to happen over and over again,” Hollis said.



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