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Bride Says Her Vows During Wedding Ceremony, Turns To Groom’s Ex-Wife And Calls Her Out

Instead of using her vows to speak directly to her husband, she also wanted to offer a vow to Casey and London. Katie pledged to be the very best co-parent that she can be. She is not taking this responsibility lightly and by the time she concluded her speech, there was nary a dry eye in the house. She also used her speech to thank Casey for being such a good friend to her.

Landon will always be loved and protected by his wonderful group of parents. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters, right? Parents may have their petty issues with one another and that is understandable. Kudos to this awesome family for not allowing their past to get in the way of a very bright future. More blended families should follow their lead going forward.


The bride hopes her story inspires other co-parents to communicate and support one another.

‘Everyone facing custody problems, acceptance, understanding, relationship problems, etc. We get it. Not everyone gets the luxury of having a relationship like we formed,’ she wrote.

‘But it’s possible to get along, communicate, and give the same rules / love / respect on both sides for your child / children. Go against the norm. BE that CHANGE.’ 

H/T Daily Mail



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