Alex Jones SUED by Sandy Hook Victims’ Families

The parents of two Sandy Hook victims are now suing Jones for defamation.

(According to COTR) Alex Jones is not a conservative. He’s a psycho that manipulates people with salacious, ridiculous stories. 

These stories start intertwining themselves with conservative talking points… and then BAM… we have a bunch of tin-foil-hat conspiracy theories masquerading as conservative beliefs.

As conservatives, we’re supposed to stick to the FACTS. Nothing derails that quite like spreading an Alex Jones conspiracy theory.

According to this:

The parents of two children killed in the Sandy Hook shooting have filed defamation lawsuits against Infowars host Alex Jones who has long claimed the massacre was a hoax.

The two lawsuits filed on Monday accuse the right-wing conspiracy theorist of spreading lies about the 2012 shooting that have resulted in the families receiving death threats.

One of the lawsuits was filed by Neil Heslin – the father of six-year-old Jesse Heslin who was killed at Sandy Hook. The other suit was filed by Leonard Pozner and his ex-wife Veronique De La Rosa who also their six-year-old son Noah in the shooting.

Each lawsuit is seeking more than $1 million in damages from Jones and his Infowars website. Heslin’s suit also names Inforwars reporter Owen Shroyer.

Both suits, which were filed in Texas where Jones and Infowars are based, draw on accusations Jones has made in the past 12 months regarding the shooting.

Heslin filed his defamation suit in relation to claims made by Infowars last June that the father was lying about whether he actually held his son’s body after the shooting.

Heslin was interviewed by NBC host Megyn Kelly last year for a profile piece on Jones. Kelly had asked Heslin what he thought of the conspiracy theorist’s previous claims that the shooting was a ‘giant hoax’.

‘I lost my son. I buried my son. I held my son with a bullet hole through his head,’ Heslin told Kelly at the time.

Soon after the segment, Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer told viewers that the father’s claim wasn’t possible because the coroner identified victims through photos and not in person.

‘You would remember if you held your dead kid in your hands with a bullet hole. That’s not something you would just misspeak on,’ Shroyer said.

Will there be a clarification from Heslin or Megyn Kelly? I wouldn’t hold your breath.’

Jones replayed part of Shroyer’s video on his program the following month.

‘The stuff I found was they never let them see their bodies,’ Jones said. ‘That’s kind of what’s weird about this. But maybe they did.’

The lawsuit calls Shroyer’s report ‘manifestly false’ because the bodies of the victims were eventually released to the parents for the funerals.

In a segment from April last year on Jones’ radio show, which was called ‘Sandy Hook Vampires Exposed’, he claimed an interview De La Rosa gave to CNN’s Anderson Cooper after the shooting was fake.

Jones claimed De La Rosa was an actor and that the interview took place with a green screen instead of at the Edmond Town Hall in Newtown, Connecticut.

The Infowars host has long claimed that the shooting at Sandy Hook was fake.

Jesse and Noah were among the 20 first-grade students gunned down inside the school in Connecticut on December 14, 2012. Six educators were also killed.

The parents of the two boys are being represented by Houston lawyer Mark Bankston of Farrar & Ball. The attorney is also behind a similar defamation case against Infowars after they falsely identified a man as the Parkland school shooter in February.