Kim Basinger doesn’t approve of daughter Ireland Baldwin’s latest Instagram photos

Ireland Baldwin seems to think she’s the type of girl to bring home to mom, but her own Mom would disapprove.

Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger’s 25-year-old daughter ‘Ireland Baldwin’ posted a couple of risqué photos to her Instagram on Thursday where she’s barely wearing underwear with over-the-knee boots. The topless photos are censored with a black bar, but Basinger seemingly didn’t approve.

Ireland captioned the photos “The type uh girl you take home 2 mother,” to which Basinger quickly responded, “Or you don’t even bring her home to her OWN MOTHER…after that.” Basinger also included an angry face emoji and a heart.


Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger Don't Approve of Daughter Ireland Baldwin's Risqué Photo's on Instagram 1

Ireland’s posted bikini photos In May, she posted two photos in a leopard two-piece while sitting on the side of a bathtub, captioning the post, “psa: it’s incredibly freeing to stop worrying about what others think of you and being imprisoned by constantly thinking of what you can do to make people like you!!” To which Baldwin simply responded, “No.”

Here is the Instagram post: Follow this link if you can’t view the post below.