VIDEO 2-year-old Boy Runs Down the Aisle to Greet Mom During Wedding SO Adorable!

Walking down the aisle may just be the biggest moment for the mom bride but this adorable 2-year-old is so excited to his Mom walking down the aisle. He throws his arms wide open and runs to greet her, so adorable.

It was an extraordinary event to catch on camera. Kristie Mihelich of Troy, Michigan won’t soon forget.

The TikTok captioned, “#KristieFoundHerKing #MihelichWedding,” has been viewed 1.4 million times and liked over 200,000 times since the video was shared on April 26 by @samsstyles_97_, or Samantha Mihelich, the niece of the bride and groom, Kristie and Bobby Mihelich. Tamara Allison is the original author of the video, which has since gone viral.


@samsstyles_97_ #kristiefoundherking #mihelichwedding ♬ original sound – Samantha Mihelich

Canon in D played in the background as the little boy looked down the aisle. “Just wait for his reaction when he sees his momma walking down the aisle,” the TikToker added.