A mother-in-law took to Facebook to reveal that her son and his wife are expecting a baby — after being told not to! — and the wife blew up at her. The whole uncomfortable encounter was detailed in Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum — and people are taking one very clear side.

A mother-in-law revealed that her son and wife were expecting a baby on Facebook — after being told not to! — and the wife blew up at her.

The whole uncomfortable encounter was detailed in Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum — and people are taking one very clear side.

“I f23 found out that I was pregnant very recently, It was not planned and my husband and I are trying to make a decision regarding going through with the pregnancy,” a Reddit user posted.

Your Tango Reports:

“Here’s the thing, I told him to not tell anyone but he ended up telling his mom but made her swear that she won’t tell. He didn’t tell her we aren’t sure about it but just to stay quiet. Well, she begged and begged that she announce it on her Facebook.”

The wife firmly told her no. That didn’t stop her mother-in-law, who logged onto her son’s Facebook account to share the news, all while pretending to be her son. Yikes.

“I was floored I called her and she said she figured if she made the announcement using one of our social media accounts then we won’t mind and it’d still look like we made the announcement,” the Reddit user continued. “But like I stated earlier, we’re still trying to make a decision.” The wife lost her temper and started yelling, which made her mother-in-law cry.

Things started to get even worse after that. “My husband came into the room yelling about my poor treatment and abuse towards his mom. I told him his mom violated our privacy and put us in more pressure to finally make a decision for the baby since the family are now calling to say ‘congratulations,’” the user explained. “He said that it was his fb so none of my privacy was “violated”and that I shouldn’t have yelled and hurt her feelings and made her cry no matter what, period.”

Now, the husband wants his wife to go to the mother-in-law’s house and “grovel with apologies” — which she definitely doesn’t want to do.

Her husband demanded that she apologize, saying that they’ll talk about the pregnancy at a later date, but the woman refused when he tried to force her to go to his mother’s house.

Most people under the Reddit thread agreed that the woman was NTA (Not The A**hole) in the situation with her mother-in-law.



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