Parents Gone Too Far! Smashing Eggs on Kids Heads TikTok Egg Cracking Challenge

TikTok #eggcracking prank, where parents have their children believe they are about to prepare to cook, and then the parent smashes the egg on the child’s forehead. Some say this goes too far.

The kids have various reactions — from sadness to anger to laughter and some even blurt out profanity — One psychologist who has weighed in on the viral trend said, “Tricks are not for kids.”

Many of these viral videos (like this TikTok video, liked 350,000 times).

However, other clips feature victims who appeared bewildered from the act of betrayal, while other victims of the egg-cracking prank laughed it off and spewed curse words.

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Some videos using the hashtag had more than 600 million views, according to NBC.

Medical experts are warning there could be side effects of germs, such as salmonella, to this prank, as well as bruising.

Dr Meghan Martin, who works at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in Florida and has 1.3m followers on TikTok, said: “I was not a big fan of this at all.”

“This is not something that benefits kids in any way, and I honestly don’t find it entertaining.”

“We’re literally smacking salmonella on their foreheads.”

“It’s harder to get a toddler to drink fluids when they’ve got a stomach bug or food poisoning, and so they’re more likely to end up in the hospital for IV fluids.”

Despite the concerns, viewers expressed the prank as harmless fun. Erisa Mullai, a mother of four, said participating in the prank created a cherished memory for her family.

At the end of the day, the reactions are funny to watch and geez it’s just an egg, an egg is not going to cause any imminent danger to the child.

Source: NBC, Forbes, MSN, The Sun



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