NBC Smacks Down Alex Jones … Things are still heating up It’s not just about Kelly and Jones –families affected by the Sandy Hook massacre are actually threatening to sue NBC

A law firm representing 12 family members sent a letter to NBC News chairman Andy Lack and other network executives condemning the interview with Jones, who has questioned whether the 2012 shooting at the Connecticut elementary school really happened.


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“Surely, we can agree that these families have suffered enough already, and that they will continue to suffer enough to last several lifetimes. Which is why we cannot fathom — from a moral, ethical or legal standpoint — NBC’s decision to amplify the voice of a man who has made a living debasing that suffering and smearing our clients’ names,” said the lawyers, from the firm Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder. “Over the last few years, Alex Jones has weaponized his radio show to publish false and defamatory statements about our clients: chief among them that they are actors perpetrating a massive fraud on the American public by faking the deaths of their loved ones.”

NBC responds to Alex Jones:

“Despite Alex Jones’ efforts to distract from and ultimately prevent the airing of our report, we remain committed to giving viewers context and insight into a controversial and polarizing figure, how he relates to the president of the United States and influences others, and to getting this serious story right. Tune in Sunday,” wrote a spokesperson in an email.

“NBC is not responsible for the harassment and abuse Alex Jones has cruelly visited on our clients. But, by choosing to air his interview with Ms. Kelly — at all, let alone at prime time on Father’s Day — NBC has tendered its good name and considerable influence to provide Mr. Jones with something he has never enjoyed: legitimacy,” the letter continues.

“This decision may be driven by the simple urge to gain an edge in a well-publicized ratings war; but it has devastating human consequences as well.”

Leaked Audio by Alex Jones:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkpNO675Beg%5B/embedyt%5D

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyYCfLyhE7I%5B/embedyt%5D

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