A Texas Wendy’s And Neighboring Pure Water Are Having A Hilariously Epic Sign War

We hope it never stops!

Love it … Hysterical sign war currently going down in front of a Wendy’s and a Pure Water Ice and Tea Company at the corner of 4th and Frankford in Lubbock, Texas.


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After several attempts to provoke the Wendy’s situated across the street from their store, the Pure Water employees finally got them to take the bait last month, according to KCBD News. Since then, there’s been a war of the words between these two outposts, and the resulting signs are hysterical. Now, customers, town residents, and people from all over are checking social media to see what the stores will post next.

It all started when Pure Water began angling for a visit from NFL quarterback and Texas native Kliff Kingsbury. The cafe’s initial message read, “Kliff Kingsbury drinks for free,” and Wendy’s responded by posting, “Hey Kliff, hungry and thirsty? We got you.”

Both store managers have decided they are ready to rumble. “It’s on,” Kyler Smith, the Assistant Manager at Pure Water Tea Ice and Tea Company, told KCBD. And Wendy’s is prepared to fire back. “I didn’t expect them to react the way they did, and then when they did I was like, you know what? It’s on,” said Santos Perez, General Manager of the Wendy’s.

Several passersby have captured the signs and shared them on Twitter in recent weeks. Pure Water poked fun at Wendy’s square burgers while Wendy’s threatened to serve drinks from Pure Water as punishment to drivers parked illegally.

The managers haven’t spoken in person—only through the signs. They’re both committed to the rivalry though, and won’t stop until one of them can’t think of what to display next—or until the other ceases. Perhaps a visit from Kliff himself would finally put the feud to rest? Not that anyone really wants it to stop!

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From: Country Living