Kevin Costner’s Wife Christine Asking $248K a Month in Child Support

New court documents reveal that Christine Baumgartner, the ex-wife of Kevin Costner, is requesting $248,000 a month in child support.

The soon-to-be ex also wants the “Yellowstone” actor to pay the kids’ private school tuition, extracurricular activities, and sports as well as their health care expenses, court documents filed on her behalf state.

In her declaration to the court, Baumgartner states that she has no income and has been a stay-at-home parent since welcoming Cayden in 2007.

“I realize that our lifestyle is extraordinary. I appreciate how very blessed we are to live this way,” she wrote. “It’s important to not only to provide a warm and comfortable home for our children but to also teach them family values and gratitude.”

“I understand that guideline child support based on Kevin’s income in 2022 would be $152,681 per month. As set forth above, the amount needed to maintain the children’s current lifestyle is $332,264 per month, which is 60% of what our family spent.”

That being said, Christine says that “although it is less than the amount needed to maintain the children in their accustomed lifestyle, I am requesting that the Court order [Costner] pay me $248,000 per month in child support.”

In a personal declaration filed on June 9, Costner said that Baumgartner has refused to move out of his home since filing for divorce on May 1, 2023.

He said that prior to getting married, Baumgartner and he both signed a prenuptial agreement that codified that their Santa Barbara-area home was his property and a premarital asset.

According to People, Costner made more than $19 million in 2022 and his family’s expenses, which consisted of caterers and chefs for entertaining and trips to the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Aspen, cost $6,645,285. His net income was reportedly $7,595,520 after taxes.

Documents obtained by Page Six state that Costner did not want his financial information to be made public out of fear that “irreparable harm” will be done to him by fraudsters, burglars and “unwanted and embarrassing global media attention.”

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner married in 2004.

Credit: People, NBC, Page Six, Aol



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