After news broke that Sen. Elizabeth Warren was dropping out of the presidential race on Thursday, Meghan McCain and her co-hosts on The View had a few things to say about the fact that a woman has never been elected to president.

“There’s this feeling where you have people like Amy Klobuchar, Warren, Kamala Harris, who’s a sitting senator, who gender really did come into play,” McCain, said on Friday’s episode during a discussion about Warren’s candidacy and the issue women candidates face.

“The way they’re covered by the media it’s the way they look, they’re too likable, they’re not likable enough, they’re too shrill, she’s not smart enough, she’s not warm enough it’s every woman that runs,” McCain said. “I think there’s a feeling of exhaustion among a lot of American women, like, when is the media going to … when are we going to start treating them like the men?”

McCain expressed her frustration with the way she says the media has traditionally covered women candidates versus how men are covered, voicing her displeasure.

“I think women are traditionally better leaders in a lot of situations because we’re more compassionate and we’re more collaborative,” she said. “I’m going to be 36 by the next election. Where’s my woman president? I would like a woman to be president in my lifetime.”

Behar told her, “Maybe you should run then just run,” causing the audience to cheer her on as McCain playfully responded, “Would you vote for me, Joy?”