House Explosion Plum Pittsburgh Leaves 5 Dead and Several People Hurt

A house in Plum Pennsylvania, exploded, and the explosion was caught on Ring videos from other homes in the neighborhood.

Five people killed after a house exploded in Pennsylvania over the weekend have been identified.

The deceased victims include four adults and one adolescent, and all of the victims have been recovered, officials said.

The Medical Examiner identified them as Casey Clontz, 38; his son, Keegan Clontz, 12; Heather Oravitz, 51; Kevin Sebunia, 55; and Michael Thomas, 57.

The explosion occurred Saturday morning around 10:20 AM at a home in Plum Pennsylvania located near Pittsburgh.

According to the Fire Marshal’s Office, ‘the homeowners were having hot water tank issues. The tank was located in the basement of the home.’

The home was located on Rustic Ridge sits on top of an abandoned mine land and is surrounded by shallow gas and oil wells, as well as two vertical gas wells within about 1,000 feet of the home, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.


The explosion destroyed three structures and damaged at least a dozen others, authorities said.

The neighborhood is in total shock, and mourning the loss of life in the explosion the neighborhood is stepping up. Neighbors brought water, food, shade, and chairs down to the first responders.

House Explosion Plum Pittsburgh Leaves 5 Dead and Several People Hurt 1

The clean-up will take a long time the neighborhood looks like a war zone.

“The whole neighborhood banded together. It is very nice to see everyone helping people. We are bringing water from down the street, and walking snacks down here for the firefighters. It is very nice to see,”  a neighbor said.

The investigation could take months if not more than a year to conclude what caused the explosion.

The Governor ‘Josh Shapiro’ expressed his sorrow over the tragedy.

“Lori and I are praying for family, friends, and neighbors who lost someone in Plum yesterday, and we’re grateful for the first responders who ran towards danger to save lives. The five Pennsylvanians who passed and their families are in our thoughts today. May their memories be a blessing,” he wrote.

Credit: CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox



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