Groom Hits New Wife During Their Wedding Shocking Moment Caught on Video

The video shows the newlyweds, reportedly from Uzbekistan, playing a “game” during their wedding reception. Things took an ugly turn when the bride appears to have won a game they were playing. 

The video since has gone viral showing the groom appearing to hit his new wife over the head with his left hand in front of the wedding guests.


The repulsive and shocking altercation has sparked concern online, with many urging the woman to leave her new husband.

“The start of a new family‍️. In Uzbekistan, the bride won a game during the wedding competition and the groom just assaults her, day one of marital bliss… I hope she has the sense to leave because it just gets worse from here. #Violence #assault #DomesticAbuse,” a Twitter user who shared the shocking footage wrote.

“No one stopped him, no one to defend her. Footage shows the couple participated in game, after which he hit her,” another horrified user wrote.

Another declared: “This is despicable.”

“She was hit so hard and everyone looks at her act like it’s a show? Sick man, double sick audience!” another commented.

Local law enforcement has not commented on the incident, but activists continue to fight for the end of violence against women and girls. Your Tango on MSN