Tom Hanks yells ‘back the F off’ after fans nearly trip wife Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were walking toward their SUV in New York City when fans quickly started to hover around them trying to get selfies. One of the fans in the group appeared to get too close to Rita, causing her to nearly trip.

The video was taken outside a restaurant in New York City, Hanks, 65, and Wilson, 65, are seen walking toward their SUV when one of the fans gets too close to Rita causing her to nearly trip. The video quickly went viral.

Rita could be heard in the video telling the crowd to “stop it!” as she lost her footing.

“Back the f**k off!” he said, adding, “Knocking over my wife?” He turned around and stepped inside a waiting car, as several people off-camera apologized to him.

The majority of comments have been in support of Tom’s reaction to the group.