Fraternal Order of Police tells Joy Behar to 'have the decency to educate yourself' 1

The National Fraternal Order of Police has a message for Joy Behar and they’re not mincing words either. “If you’re going to comment on police matters, have the decency to educate yourself first. You owe it to your viewers,”

The FOP tweeted in response to Behar’s uneducated and irresponsible statements on The View. The tweet continued “Warning shots are prohibited by every agency in this country. Also, you might want to take a physics lesson… what goes up, must come down.”

Behar said CNN host Don Lemon told her that the officer may not have had a choice in the situation, something Behar disagreed with Don Lemon saying that she was unsure if that were true.

Here’s the segment of Joy Behar’s comments from The View:


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  1. I’ve always known Joy to be a dumbass. Ever since the “ Doctor’s stethoscope “ comment from way back

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