Famed Football Player Coach Deion Sanders Ranks his Kids by Favorites

Following the win against Colorado State University, famed football player/coach Deion Sanders says that he ranks his children because he’s just an “honest” parent.

The Colorado Buffaloes head coach said his son Shilo is “moving up” in Deion’s rankings after he “got two turnovers” in the Colorado Buffaloes vs. Colorado State game.

Sanders, 56, first revealed the public ranking of his children on Instagram, with son Deion Jr., 29, holding the top rank in Dec. 2022. — People

“It’s tough. My kids’ rankings are tough,” Sanders said after going down the list of four of his five kids have recently done while speaking to the media in his postgame interview after his team beat Colorado State, 43-35, double overtime with Colorado State.

After Deion’s Buffaloes pulled off that glorious win in last Saturday’s late-night game against Colorado State, his son Shilo Sanders, 23, had a victorious night, the head coach and father of five said he may have an updated ranking order.

Deion spoke to the media after Saturday’s victory, where a reporter asked, “Shilo got two turnovers today, I’m wondering if that moved him up in the kid rankings?”

Famed Football Player Coach Deion Sanders Ranks his Kids by Favorites 1
Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty

“He is moving up,” Deion said of Shilo’s ranking. “He is moving on up like the Jeffersons, but [son] Shedeur is straight-up balling too,” he added.

Watch Deion Sanders discuss his kid’s ranking below, if you can’t view below follow this link.

Deion also said his daughter Shelomi, AKA “Bossy”, may have also moved up in the rankings after Saturday. “Bossy came in and gave me the biggest hug and kiss and appreciation for Daddy that she could ever give me at the end of the game, so that was great.”

“It’s tough. My kid’s rankings are tough,” Sanders said to reporters. “It’s a serious run right now, it really is.”

Source: People, Insider, Today, GMA



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