DANGEROUS MINDS! Female Students at Illinois School forced to wear hijab

Chicago’s non-Muslim school girls wear hijab to promote acceptance of Islamic beliefs

Daniel Akbari, a former top Shariah attorney in Iran who converted to Christianity and defected to the U.S. in 2008 while here on a student visa, said the hijab is a symbol of Shariah, or Islamic law. And every Muslim who has studied the Quran knows this.

“For a school to do that, they are promoting Shariah and supporting what Americans call Islamists, but they are just true Muslims. This is not the promotion of humanity. This is support for a hard-line ideology that leads to Shariah, honor violence and honor killings,” said Akbari, who lives in Texas and authored two books on jihad and Shariah. His latest is, “Honor Killings: A Professional’s Guide to Sexual Relations and Ghayra Violence from the Islamic Sources.”

Americans need to counter that narrative among Muslim girls, he said, if there is going to be any hope of Muslim immigrants assimilating into U.S. society.

“We should be encouraging these girls to take off their hijab and try to become more free and get involved in the community, not telling our kids to have that mindset of slavery and against women’s rights,” Akbari told WND.

Here’s the stunning manual on how to stop radical Islam in the United States, now from Pamela Geller.

Dr. Mark Christian, a former child imam who grew up in Egypt and now lives as a Christian in Nebraska, said Western cultures are making a huge mistake by embracing a key element of Shariah. source


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