Christina Applegate Calls Candace Owens 'Comments About Skims' Inclusive Ad

Christina Applegate slammed ‘Candace Owens’ reaction to an ad featuring a model in a wheelchair, condemning her comments as “f–king gross.”

“I don’t really understand how far we’re going to take this inclusivity thing, I really don’t get it, and if I am wrong educate me,” Owens said on her podcast, Daily Wire, she continued saying “why this needs to be done.”

“Look, I assume that people who’re in wheelchairs also have to buy bras, have to buy underwear, I just assume that is a thing. I didn’t know that we needed to see that in our face,” Owens finished. “I didn’t know that now we’re going to have to look forward to campaigns where women that are in wheelchairs are now wearing bras and underwear because we as a society cannot get to the bottom of our ridiculousness.”

Christina Applegate Calls Candace Owens 'Wheelchair comments about Skims' Inclusive Ad 1
Christina Applegate was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Photo/Getty Images

“Yes, late tweet. But woke to see the most horrifying thing. This Candace person making comments about companies who see we need help,” she wrote in her initial post. “It’s fucking gross. I thank Skims and Tommy and Guide Beauty and @neowalksticks for seeing us [too] #youshouldknowbetter.”

“Going to try and sleep but my rage is keeping me awake. Candace Owens, do you know when you have seen pictures of me how fucking hard it was to get my clothes on? A team has to help me!!!” Applegate continued in a subsequent tweet. “So I’m excited for accessibility clothing for me and my community. Hope u wake [up].”

A third tweet: “get on the phone with me to be educated on being disabled.” Applegate insisted that the call would be civil and instead of coming into the conversation with “anger,” she would approach it with “love,” because Owens “needs to hear that.”

Christina Applegate Calls Candace Owens 'Wheelchair comments about Skims' Inclusive Ad 2

Applegate attended the SAG Awards, stating it would be her last awards to attend. She sported a cane that carried an “FU MS” sticker on it.

Source: Metro, Independent, Page Six, MSNBC



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