Absolutely Sickening Tweet About Steve Scalise Goes Viral… Appalling 

You want some attention? Well here ya go. You have now gone VIRAL.



Appalling Tweet Towards Shooting Victim Steve Scalise 1

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Appalling Tweet Towards Shooting Victim Steve Scalise 2

Feel free to let Donna know what you think of her “joke”.  Here’s some more info on her company:

Appalling Tweet Towards Shooting Victim Steve Scalise 3

It’s no joking matter! Deleting it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen and the internet lives forever.

Appalling Tweet Towards Shooting Victim Steve Scalise 4

If you’re going to post this kind of BULLSH*T publicly, I’m going to make sure it goes out to the public. Simple as that.  Every “comedian” needs an audience, right?

Dear liberals: It’s not a joke, you sick f***s. It never was. Hopefully you all start realizing that…. but I doubt it.

h/t Chicks On The Right



  1. She should be sent packing! It continues to amaze me that the crazies, like Donna Porter, think this is perfectly appropriate behavior. Besides being evil & heartless, she can’t be very smart. ObamaCare is no longer an option whether it’s repealed, replaced, or left in place. The healthcare theory didn’t work in practice for the majority of people. It’s dead anyway.

    1. Author

      Amen to that. It’s unbelievable that adults think this is appropriate. Obamacare is a joke.

  2. Strip DPC of all Govt contracts immediately!

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