Adele Stops the Las Vegas Concert to Tell Security to Leave a Fan Alone

Adele stopped her Las Vegas concert Saturday night in Las Vegas to scold a security guard who was messing with a concertgoer.

According to video uploaded to TikTok of the incident, Adele was in the middle of singing “Water Under the Bridge” and stopped singing to ask what was going on over there between the security guard and the audience member.

“What is going on there with that young fan who’s been bothered so much, since I came on, for standing up? What’s going on with him?” she asked.

Adele, “Yes, you, with your hand up, yes you! Put your hand up. You, no you, yes, you with the stick in your hand. Yes, him.”

Then she asked security, “What are you doing? Why are you all bothering him? Can you leave him alone, please?”

She then told the concertgoer, “They won’t bother you anymore, darling. You enjoy the show. “Leave him alone,” she told security once again.

The singer told the audience “Sorry, guys. He’s been bothered the whole show by security and other people sitting behind him. He’s here to have fun. All of you are here to have fun.”

She then continued the show singing “Water Under the Bridge” over again.

Watch below, if you can’t view follow this link.

@dailymail Adele stops her performance during Vegas show to defend fan from security guard. #fyp #adele #vegas #show #security #fan ♬ original sound – Daily Mail



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