Zoo Gives UPDATES on Live Stream 'April' the Giraffe-Unveils new website for April

The Harpursville zoo, which unveiled April-inspired emojis and t-shirts as the fan base for the 15-year-old long-necked beauty continues. Today the zoo announces new website for ‘April’ and updates on her condition.

Meanwhile, veterinarians recorded no significant changes to April’s condition overnight, and she spent some time outdoors early Wednesday ahead of anticipated storms. We’re still just waiting on baby!

The zoo announced a new website for ‘April’ at APRIL THE GIRAFFE PAGE for all things ‘April the Giraffe’.  The zoo said it will hold an online competition to name the baby giraffe once it’s born. Watch the live feed of ‘April’ below.






  1. If April conceived on her second breeding, what is the 2nd due date approx. Also, since April is 15 and their lifespan is 15 to 25 years, is this her last breeding? Hope so. Also I watched how she eats and grinds her food from side to side, I imagine her teeth are worn down after 15 years like horses, am I correct. Also noticed that she is getting a little jumpy lately even with Allysia, who April Adores, seems lately she dont like her tummy messed with or touched, is that because she is getting really close? I love how well you take care of the animals, wish all zoos and animal parks were like you. Thank You

    1. Hi there! Sorry but this is just my personal blog I’m keeping up with April and posting about her. However, I’m not with the zoo so I’m unsure about April’s due date. I love watching April and agree with you they take really good care of her. Hope you have a great day. Thanks!

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