Woman sparks debate after admitting she only showers three times a week – some slam her as ‘grim’ while others say it's fine

A woman admitted to her friends that she only showers three times per week, setting off a fierce debate. The woman’s friends became mortified over her revelations.

The woman who remained anonymous shared the news to the British parenting forum Mumsnet explained that she showers only two days when she goes to work and ‘one extra day’.

“Ok, so I’m having a few drinks with friends last night. We are an all-female mix of parents and non-parents,” she wrote.

“One friend mentions she is struggling to find time for a shower every day since she had her baby.”

Stunned at the confession, she told them: “‘Well I don’t shower every day without a young baby.’ All of my friends looked at me in horror.

“Apparently even the ones with kids shower daily.”

The woman said she works part-time and she has two daughters.

So it just makes sense to her that she showers on the days that she’s working – plus one extra day in between, making a total of three showers per week. She explained to the group of friends.

“My days off usually consist of playing at home, walking the dog, school run and maybe park.”

“I would shower extra if exercising/having sex/on period etc. I bathe my dc [darling child] three times a week.”

“My OH [other half] works out every weekday so he does shower more than me.”  As if somehow her spouse compensates for her lack of showering. WTH?!

She continued…

“I would shower extra if exercising/having sex/on period etc.”

“I bath my dc [darling child] three times a week.”

She asked people if she was being “disgusting” and people didn’t hold back with their thoughts.

One person said: ‘Personally I think three times a week is pretty grim, sorry. I am a shower every day person. I can’t get going in the morning without one to be honest.’

Another commenter said: ‘Twice a day for me (three times when been to the gym or for a swim, etc). My husband is the same.’

Other commenters, however, were supportive and said that it’s a waste of water if you’re not unclean and don’t need to shower.

One commenter wrote: ‘I don’t shower every day. So wasteful. Generations before us didn’t have showers including my parents. And they definitely weren’t manky.’

‘That’s absolutely fine. If you don’t smell then there is no need to shower. The only thing I would say is you need to wash with water after a poo, period etc.’