Baffling Optical Illusion Do you see a man or a dog Running In a Snowy Forest?

An optical illusion leaves people seriously baffled and Facebook users are completely divided over what’s shown in the image. So is it a dog or a man running through a snowy forest?

What do you see?

I first said it was a man running, then I looked again and said “oh, no it’s not a man it’s a dog,” but even then the dog is still an optical illusion. Because quickly glancing it looks like some kind of wild animal.

On closer inspection, it’s quite clearly a black poodle running towards the camera.

Baffling Optical Illusion Do you see a man or a dog Running In a Snowy Forest? 1

Users were split over what they saw first, with many confusing the dog’s tail as the back of the person’s head.

I recently shared this image on my Facebook page and it quickly went viral with Facebook users.

There are literally comments upon comments.

One user, who spotted the pooch immediately, wrote: ‘Why can’t I see the man? I only see the dog.’

Others thought it was straightforward, with one person writing: ‘I’m curious as to how the people who saw a man running were able to explain away the fact that running man has a giant dog’s head coming out of them.’

Man… but then again, no…it’s a dog… no it isn’t. Aargh!!! I don’t care what it is… pass the bong…

I see a man running with a picture of a dog on the back of his jacket.

The man is running INTO the woods, , the Dog is running OUT of the woods!

“All I see is a dog and I’m SO CONFUSED,” another said.

Psychologist Lee Chambers told The Sun that what people thought the picture was reflected something about their personality.

“Where your eyes first focus on the picture certainly plays a part in the perception of your image, but your current psychological state can also play a role in whether you see a dog approaching or a human escaping,” he said.

“If you are currently anxious, you are much more likely to see the man escaping, seeing the image in a more threatening viewpoint.

“This will also be more likely if you are more pessimistic or less easy to trust others, seeing something moving away rather than approaching, or a human possibly acting in a sinister manner.”

But if you were feeling calm and confident, you’re more likely to see the face of a dog.

“If you’re are an optimistic individual, you are more likely to see something coming into your life and see the dog and embrace the snowy vista surrounding it,” Chambers said.

Image credit/Jam Pass