Why President Trump Didn’t Attend Barbara Bush’s Funeral

The big elephant in the room. Why didn’t President Trump attend?

Friends and family gathered Saturday to honor the ‘First Lady Barbara Bush’. A number of high profile figures were there, including the Obamas, Clintons and Melania Trump.

Of course, there’s that big elephant in the room. Why didn’t President Trump attend?

“To avoid disruptions due to added security, and out of respect for the Bush Family and friends attending the service, President Trump will not attend,” White House deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters said in a statement.

Melania attended “on behalf of the first family.”

A lot of people were put off by that, but there’s an important reminder: Sitting presidents RARELY attend the funeral services of former first ladies.

Similarly, in 2016, then-President Obama did not attend the funeral of former first lady Nancy Reagan, while his wife did. Sitting presidents have rarely in recent decades gone to the funerals of former first ladies, according to FactCheck.org, a project of The Annenberg Public Policy Center in Philadelphia.

President Trump did, in fact, watch the funeral service from Mar-a-Lago.

We’re not sure if Barbara Bush’s family asked that POTUS not attend due to the additional burden of security. That could very well be so. Perhaps Trump asked what the family preferred. Perhaps they wanted him there. Obviously, we don’t know what discussions they had behind the scenes.

Melania was there representing the First Family, and I think she’s truly a perfect representation.

She also invited two White House staffers who were close to Barbara, and they went as her guests.

Trump was accompanied by former White House head maitre d’ George Hainey and current White House usher Buddy Carter, the first lady’s office said.

“She knew they were very close to the Bush family and wanted them to be able to pay their respects,” spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said.

Sweet words.

Regardless what President Trump did or did not do, he’d be criticized.

It’s totally understandable that a sitting President would not want disrupt the burial service of a former First Lady. 

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