Which Baby Animal Are You?  1
Which baby animal are you? 

This is what I got! 

Which Baby Animal Are You?  2
You tend to be gentle, quiet, elegant, kind, patient, and particularly responsible. Sometimes you might be a bit superficial, stubborn, melancholy, and overly discreet. Generally speaking, you are a likable person. You are known for your artistic sense and good taste, and you are usually well-dressed with a closet full of beautiful clothes. You are faithful to those around you, but reluctant to reveal your mind to others, and you have the tendency to escape reality. Sometimes you can be too cautious and conservative, causing you to miss out on good opportunities. You are popular with others, as you are gentle and considerate. You have a good sense of humor, you can turn a dispute into a discussion, and make enemies into friends. With your gentle temperament, you are hospitable, considerate, and ready to help others.