What you put on your blog matters! I search for recipes every day I might look at several hundred recipes per day. Today while searching for cornbread-dressing recipes to share I came across what looked like a great recipe with a great image.

I am always pulled in by an image next the content and how well the ingredients and instructions are laid out on the blog. The final thing I do is examine what is on the page and how the blog looks. I look at all these things because I do not want to send my followers to a recipe they would not understand or cannot follow the directions or to a page that looks less than reputable.

I finally found what I was looking for today the perfect cornbread dressing there was the awesome image with the perfect listing of ingredients and easy to read instructions. Then my eyes went to the right of the screen and the first thing I see is this.

” If you find this site useful help us fund further resources to continue the work”.

What you put on your blog matters! 1

We are food bloggers we share recipes we do not provide a service. There is no way I would ever donate to a food blogger or pay for a recipe. The supply of recipes is vast on the web. Why would we pay for recipes? In addition, I searched this website thoroughly and still had no idea for what services that I would be donating.

Regardless of the image, recipe and instructions being perfect I left the site without sharing the recipe with my followers. It does matter what you put on your blog site so choose carefully it might cost you.



  1. Found you through Blogher nablomosopososfn(bunch of letters I never remember) challenge

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