‘Can we pee on his lawn?’: Washington Post reporter tweets Sheriff David Clarke Jr.’s home address

Washington Post reporter Abby Phillip posted a letter to Twitter on Friday allegedly from the Department of Homeland Security verifying that Sheriff David Clark Jr. had been offered a position with the agency, but she failed to obscure Clarke’s home address.

The attachment actually included and still includes the Sheriff’s home address. Here’s a screenshot of the tweet with the address smudged out:

Washington Post Reporter Tweets out Sheriff David Clarke's Home Address 1

Twitter policy states that home addresses are not to be published, the letter and tweet are still there.

Twitter followers asked if they could “pee on Sherriff Clarke’s lawn” that tweet has been removed.

Clarke had a reporter arrested for visiting him at home in 2016, it would be ill-advised to visit the Sheriff at his personal home address.

h/t Twitchy