Woman bares extra skin, goes viral after losing over 130 pounds

Most women are familiar with trying to live up to impossible beauty standards, as well as the body shame that comes with feeling as though you’ve fallen short of these unrealistic ideals.

After losing 130 pounds, Jordan Kirkham wanted to photograph the first time her husband picked her up. The mother of two had been overweight her whole life, but finally lost the weight for her children.

Although she had documented her dramatic weight loss on Instagram, she was nervous about sharing a picture that showed the loose skin left behind by her weight loss.


But she decided that the picture was a celebration of a milestone, and she wanted to share it with others. Now, 50,000 likes later, it is clear the image inspired and resonated with people on a deep and profound level!

Jordan says posting the picture was scary, but she wanted to keep it real and show what really happens to your body when you lose a significant amount of weight.

Kudos to Jordan for getting healthy, losing the weight, keeping it real, and sharing her journey!

She will continue to inspire others to take the first steps towards weight loss and taking pride in their bodies no matter what!


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EddmwfqBGQ%5B/embedyt%5D


h/t Today Show



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