Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot and her two French bulldogs, Koji and Gustav, were stolen Wednesday night in Hollywood, a source close to the singer tells CNN.

The singer “is offering half-a-million dollars to anyone who has her two dogs, no questions asked. Anyone who has the dogs can use this email, to retrieve the reward.”

Lady Gaga French bulldogs Credit: Lady Gaga/Instagram

Video obtained by TMZ appears to show Lady Gaga’s dog walker getting shot during a kidnapping of her two dogs in Hollywood.

The surveillance video from a neighbor’s home shows a white sedan roll up on the dog walker, Ryan Fischer, and 2 men get out of the backseat … you hear one of the men cock the gun, saying, “give it up.” —TMZ


The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said a man was shot during a robbery before 10 p.m. and was transported to the hospital in stable condition. The male suspect took the two bulldogs from the victim, used a semi-automatic handgun, and fled the scene in a white sedan, according to police.

Image Credit: TMZ

The investigation is ongoing.

The source added that the singer’s dog walker is thankfully “recovering well.”




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