Cemetery worker dies after being buried alive in a 7-foot-deep grave 1

A New York cemetery worker was buried alive Thursday morning while working inside a grave.

Rodwin Allicock, 42, of Coram, was leveling out the bottom of a 7-foot-deep grave at Washington Memorial Park in Mount Sinai when the sides collapsed, burying him, WABC reported.

Allicock’s co-workers tried to dig him out, but they were unable to save him, police said.

Members of the Suffolk County emergency services and public works department, as well as emergency workers from the Middle Island Fire Department, Hagerman Fire Department, Selden Fire Department, and Setauket Fire Department all responded to the scene.

Allicock, a native of Coram, New York, was pronounced dead at the scene “by a physician assistant from the Office of the Suffolk County Medical Center,” police said.