Trump Unleashes On NYT For Suggesting Michael Cohen Will Flip On Him

President Trump gives the NYT a tongue-lashing.

According to this:

Following a recent FBI raid on Cohen’s house, The Washington Post revealed that Cohen is being investigated for possible bank fraud and campaign finance violations related to questionable payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Clifford).

“I will do anything to protect Mr. Trump,” Cohen told Fox News in 2017, according to TheNYT. “I’m the guy who would take a bullet for the president. I’d never walk away.”

TheNYT, citing half a dozen sources, claims that the president treated Cohen like garbage, occasionally threatening to fire him over various unsuccessful business ventures and projects. Speculating, TheNYT seemed to suggest that Trump’s lawyer might not stand up for him now that he is in the hot seat. Trump asserts the media is intentionally trying to damage his relationship with Cohen to get him to “flip” on the president.

I Don’t know anything about Michael Cohen, so I’m not sure if President Trump is right to trust him or not.

We also don’t know what intimidation tactics are being used against Cohen…

And the bigger question is… What could Cohen have or know to throw President Trump under the bus for?


I hope he’s good under pressure. Most people would throw their own Mama under the bus to save their own a$$.