Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Reportedly Having Marriage Problems After Becoming Empty Nesters

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been married for 30 years. Reportedly, Tim and Faith are having trouble now that their three daughters have all grown up and moved out of the house.

According to RadarOnline.com, the country music pair is working on the issues in their marriage.

“They’ve been snapping at each other constantly since their girls flew the coop!” a source revealed. “It’s like they don’t know how to be civil to each other unless their daughters are around to play referee,” the insider shared.

“Their entire marriage has been centered on their daughters,” noted the source. “Being left to their own devices for the first time has been a shock to them — and not in a positive way.” The insider continued, “Tim and Faith want to be close to their girls so they can feel like a family again,” one source explained, “and hopefully heal the wounds they’ve recently been inflicting on each other.”

The couple has three daughters, Gracie Katherine, 25, Maggie Elizabeth, 24, and Audrey Caroline, 20.

The five are super close, but still, while the girls’ parents are certainly inspirational, and one or two of them are following in their parent’s footsteps, they are paving their own way in life and careers.

The oldest, Gracie, lives in New York City. She recently just moved to a brand new apartment and has been sharing glimpses of it on her Instagram.

she has a passion for Broadway and has made appearances in various Broadway events and performances.

The middle sister, Maggie, graduated with a Master’s degree from Stanford University just last year, and as of February 2022, according to The Hill, she was working as a staff assistant and legislative correspondent for Congressman Jim Cooper, a Democratic representative from Tennessee.

Their little sister, Audrey, also lives in New York City, and she too has an interest in the performing arts world. She is actually following in her parent’s footsteps and pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

She attends the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, which has campuses in both New York City and Los Angeles.

The source claims that they’re looking for a home in New York City so they can be closer to their daughters.

“Tim and Faith want to be close to their girls so they can feel like a family again, and hopefully heal the wounds they’ve recently been inflicting on each other,” said the source.

We wish them well, if they are going through something, hopefully, they’ll be able to work it out. It would be heartbreaking to see these two go their separate ways after nearly 30 years of marriage.

Credit: Cafemom, RadarOnline, Hello



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