My Mom and me

Thanksgiving Family Traditions

Family traditions live long after we do; traditions connect one generation to the next in families. I love Thanksgiving it is my favorite day of the whole year. I do love the food but most of all I love what Thanksgiving represents family, love, gathering, traditions, and thankfulness.

My Mom started a tradition several years before she passed every family member writes out what they are thankful for and each of us read our thankful lists before eating our Thanksgiving dinner (I know some of us pray we all keep it short).

Who would have known our last Thanksgiving with my Mom would be 2007. I am so thankful that I have her last thankful list saved.  Although now as I read it I think, “She must have known she was not well” because it almost reads as a goodbye note. Maybe that is not true and this is just how I perceive it because it was my last Thanksgiving spent with her. She thanked everybody from her Dad, her children, grandchildren, her siblings and then ended with “I’m thankful for God and all he did and provided for me in my life and I’m thankful for every person from my beginning”.

My Mom was the glue that held our family together and since she’s been gone we’ve came a little unglued. I yearn to get back the glue we once had with one another. I hope this year for Thanksgiving, we can all be together and maybe if not Mom’s tradition, maybe we can start a new tradition.

Family traditions should not be broken but carried on. Traditions connect us from one generation to another when we are no longer here our young children will know our loved ones through our family traditions.

Great Ideas for creating Thanksgiving traditions.