Shark Tank' Daymond John Granted Permanent Restraining Order Against Former Contestants

Shark Tank’s Daymond John has filed for a restraining order against former contestants after they claimed he tried to cut them out of their due profits. The contestants were posting on social media about their alleged horrid experience with him, court papers claim.


Former NFL defensive end Al “Bubba” Baker, his wife Sabrina, and daughter Brittani have been ordered by a New Jersey federal court to stop speaking publicly about their experience with Daymond. They were contestants on the show in 2014.

The Bakers were also ordered to delete whatever social media posts they’d already made about John and their business arrangement.


According to Rosenfield, there have been “repeated attempts to give the Bakers the ability to correct their violations.”

John’s spokesman, Zach Rosenfield, denied the claims made by the Baker family and explained why his client is pursuing vigorous legal action.

“All the Bakers’ posts are negative, disparaging, or both and certainly could impact DFV’s and John’s reputation, goodwill, and credibility,” Kugler wrote in his order issued Friday, adding, “These posts clearly caused reputational harm that John will now have to deal with and counter.”

The Bakers reported to the LA Times earlier this year that they’d been misled by Daymond and his team.

The legal action against the Bakers came after the family alleged to the LA Times earlier this year that John and his associates had misled them, tried to take their business, and deprived them of profits in the show’s aftermath.

“Today’s decision against the Bakers, their company, and their false statements is a moment of vindication,” John said in a statement.

“The actual facts, the record, and the federal Judge’s opinion have confirmed that I did not — and could not have — committed any wrongdoing,” John stated that he always upheld transparency and honesty throughout my journey as an entrepreneur.

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