Video of Rescued Camels Jump in Excitement Over Their Food Is Too Cute

Video: Two camel rescues are so excited they literally start galloping toward the caregiver at feeding time.

Pet Helpful: The camels are so excited that they literally start galloping toward the caregiver. The camels are so sweet you can’t help but smile watching this TikTok.


@galahadsanimalsanctuary Milkshake and Catapult love dinner so much they jump for joy ❤️ #canel #joy #happy #animalrescue #sanctuary ♬ original sound – galahadsanimalsanctuary

@galahadsanimalsanctuary Yummmm! Catapult and Milkshake #love #rescueanimals #sanctuary #sanctuarylife #happy #cute #funny #joy #camel ♬ original sound – galahadsanimalsanctuary

It’s a blessing to have people willing to rescue animals in need so they can live out their best lives. It’s obvious Milkshake and Catapult have found the perfect place at Galahad’s.





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