GOP Rep. Scott Taylor to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota: “You Guys Are Getting Played” By Trump’s Tweets, Every Time and Suggests CNN Start Covering The Actual News

Virginia Republican Congressman Scott Taylor, gives some career advice to CNN host Alisyn Camerota in response to President Trump’s tweets:

REP. SCOTT TAYLOR: If I could give some objective advice to you. I think you guys are getting played, man.

Every time he does this, you guys over-react. When I say you guys, I mean you in the media. You over-react, you play right into his hands. Ironically, CNN reported on [President Trump] learning politics from the World Wrestling Federation in 2015.

And now you’re like, oh my God, he’s inciting violence. I just don’t think any American — most Americans, maybe some — believe he is inciting violence from a WWF clip…

There’s tons of news out there, let’s talk about real issues…

You guys are playing right into his hands, you over-react. And then he is able to use that politicall. You gotta start reporting on news. This is not really news.