CNN criticized for threatening to dox Reddit user behind Trump’s wrestling video

After tracking down the Reddit user who made a GIF of President Donald Trump bodyslamming CNN, the news outlet said that it would not be revealing the poster’s name — on some conditions.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted a GIF of himself bodyslamming and punching a man with CNN’s logo for a head to the floor with the hashtag #FraudNewsCNN.

CNN investigated and found who originally posted the CNN logo meme. Here is CNN’s statement:

Read CNN’s threatening statement:

CNN Threatens Reddit User Behind Wrestling Meme 1

SERIOUSLY, CNN? This is straight up threatening to publicly out a private citizen if the reddit user ‘repeats this ugly behavior on social media again’. Unbelievable! CNN has a stockpile of people to get through if they are going to be threatening public citizens that make fun of them –

Here’s a (very small) glimpse of the stockpile of people CNN will need to get through:

‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Star Patricia Heaton weighs in:

And Donald Trump Jr responds:

Ted Cruz has some input as well:

THIS is why the American people hate the media. CNN has totally lost all credibility they are officially the laughing stock of cable news.




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