Something about this woman doesn’t quite seem authentic to me and I’m just not buying her story. And if it is true having a man kiss you on each cheek and then trying to kiss you on the lips is not an actual sexual attack. You dumb bimbo. 

Yep, her story is pure hogwash.

I’m not blaming any victims, but when you allow a man to get close enough to you he is allowed to kiss each cheek you kind of welcome the advances. Just saying in my opinion. 

Anyway, that’s my two cents and here’s the details…

President Trump hits back at a woman ‘Rachel Crooks’ who claims he once forcibly kissed her, saying it “Never happened!”

Trump tweeted Tuesday: “Who would do this in a public space with live security……cameras running. Another False Accusation.” The president says he doesn’t know Rachel Crooks and “to the best of my knowledge, never met” her.


According to Daily Mail:
Donald Trump swatted away the latest accusation of sexual imsconduct against him on Tuesday, claiming that a Washington Post story about a woman who accuses him of unwanted kissing is ‘Fake News.’

Rachel Crooks, 35, is running for a seat in the Ohio legislature – mostly, she says, so she can have a platform to tell the story of a day when Trump mashed his face against hers without an invitation.

Crooks responded with a tweet, “Please, by all means, share the footage from the hallway outside the 24th floor residential elevator bank on the morning of January 11, 2006. Let’s clear this up for everyone. It’s liars like you in politics that have prompted me to run for office myself.”