Donald Trump Jr. has liked a tweet criticizing a teenage survivor of Florida’s high school massacre last week which suggest he was not really there and cannot be trusted because he is the son of a retired FBI agent. According to this:

Donald Trump Jr. Like Tweet Attacking Florida School Shooting Survivor 1

Donald Trump Jr. Like Tweet Attacking Florida School Shooting Survivor 2

The tweet mocks 17-year-old David Hogg, a student journalist who fled gunman Nikolas Cruz along with his classmates at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland on Wednesday.

Since the shooting, Hogg has been relentless in his calls for tighter gun laws and has repeatedly asked the president to do more to end gun violence.

In one interview he told how his 51-year-old father, Kevin, was a retired FBI agent and said it was ‘disgusting’ for the president and his family to blame the shooting on the bureau which missed several warning signs that Cruz was dangerous.

On Saturday, Twitter user Thomas Pine shared a link to a True Pundit story which poked holes in Hogg’s comments.

It touted him as an ‘outspoken, Trump-hating school shooting survivor’ and the headline of the story was: ‘MSM Helps Prop Up Incompetent Bureau.’
In the body of the story, the writer wrote cruelly: ‘David Hogg is a school shooting survivor in Florida.

‘At least that is what the mainstream media has told us. We wouldn’t be surprised by anything involving the FBI at this point.’

Hogg, who is organizing a rally in Washington DC next month with his classmates, said he was ‘sickened’ by the president’s son’s Twitter activity.

‘I just think it’s a testament to the sick immaturity and broken state of our government when these people feel the need to pedal conspiracy theories about people that were in a school shooting where 17 people died and it just makes me sick.

‘It’s immature, rude, and inhuman for these people to destroy the people trying to prevent the death of the future of America because they won’t,’ he told BuzzFeed.Many media outlets have reached out to Donald Trump Jr. so let’s wait and see did he in fact really like these tweets? I’m on the fence that he actually liked it himself.

Chelsea Clinton chimed in and blasted the right-wing website Gateway Pundit on Monday: