On Thursday NASA set to release closest ever mind-blowing images of the sun 1
On Thursday NASA set to release closest-ever mind-blowing images of the sun

NASA and the European Space Agency are set to release the first close-up images of the sun from their joint Solar Orbiter mission, according to Fox News.

“In mid-June, Solar Orbiter made its first close pass of the Sun following its Feb. 9 launch, turning on all 10 of its instruments together for the first time,” said NASA, in a statement on its website. “This flyby captured the closest images ever taken of the sun.”

NASA will reveal the images, along with the first data from the Solar Orbiter mission, during a briefing at 8 a.m. EDT on Thursday.

“During the briefing, mission experts will discuss what these closeup images reveal about our star, including what we can learn from Solar Orbiter’s new measurements of particles and magnetic fields flowing from the sun,” NASA added in its statement.