No Teeth 'Catfish' TikToker Wows Followers with Her Transformations

Canadian makeup artist Sarah Andres @lashesandlosing on TikTok wows her followers with her amazing transformation with makeup.

Her followers refer to her as a ‘Catfish,’ a term Catfishing is a term for a person who pretends to be someone else online.

The Catfisher will use fake pictures, and sometimes a false persona, to find friends, romantic partners, or victims on the internet. People have used the deceptive practice for anything ranging from pranking their friends to carrying out serious crimes, like sexual assault and identity theft. — USA

She’s also pinned as Mariah Carey look alike, of course, the Canadian makeup artist insists it was never her intention to look like Mariah, however, she welcomes the comparison.

Andres shares her clips with her 784.7K fans where she shows how she transforms her appearance garnering millions of views.

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@lashesandlosing 💗 #makeup #makeupremoval #transformation #transition #glowup #catfish #trending ♬ What Was I Made For? [From The Motion Picture “Barbie”] – Billie Eilish

She gets tons of comments and not all are positive, many are negative. She says that is fine with her she welcomes all comments as it boost her videos.

“It doesn’t bother me when I share what I look like naturally because I am happy with the way I am and I know that looks aren’t everything. Although it has taken me a while to get to this point,” she said, according to the New York Post.


“I love doing glamourous makeup looks, I never go for a natural makeup look,” she said. “It’s all or nothing with me.”

“But she doesn’t rock the glitz and glam to “hide” her looks. Instead, she wants to encourage people to embrace their natural beauty.”


“My main goal is to inspire women and help them realize they are beautiful with and without makeup,” she said.

Source: Daily Mail, New York Post



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