NO KIDS and DON'T WEAR WHITE bride-to-be went viral on TikTok for sharing her wedding rules

A bride-to-be shared her list of wedding rules on TikTok, including kids are unwelcome with a few exceptions, don’t wear white, and if you’re specifically not invited don’t come. 

Jasmine Cruz is the bride-to-be and shared her top 11 rules and preferences for the big day. It quickly went viral. The first video has over two million views.

NO KIDS and DON'T WEAR WHITE bride-to-be went viral on TikTok for sharing her wedding rules 1

‘I don’t want kids running around unattended with their parents not watching, that will absolutely not be happening,’ she said.

‘There are some exceptions. Most of my siblings are under the age of 15. Like half of them. So they can come, as well as some out-of-towners that genuinely cannot get babysitters for like the whole weekend because they have to travel — obviously, they can bring their kids.

‘They gotta be watching them though,’ she added.

Watch the first video:

@cruzjasmine824 These are my very real wedding rules I’ll be doing at my wedding this year ! #greenscreen #wedding #elfitup #latinabride #latinowedding ♬ original sound – cruzjasmine824

Her part 2 video:

@cruzjasmine824 My wedding part 2 #greenscreen #wedding #latinabride #elfitup ♬ original sound – cruzjasmine824

Daily Mail continues:

Her second rule is that no one is allowed to wear white — and it’s such an important one that she accidentally wrote it on her list twice.

‘My bridesmaids have specific instructions already to dump a whole bottle of red wine on you, so let’s just avoid that,’ she said.

Her third rule is that her bridesmaids can choose their outfits, as long as it’s in the color Jasmine picked out.

‘If they want to wear a dress, a pantsuit — I just have to approve it and see it first, just to make sure it flows well. But they can wear whatever they want basically,’ she said.

Her fourth rule is that anyone who wasn’t invited is not welcome.

I get this one pretty easily, we actually had a situation in our family that warranted my niece having to state this same rule. Otherwise in some family’s you might end up with someone bringing a truckload of freeloaders. No one wants their wedding crashed!

‘I will specifically write on the invitation how many plus-ones you get, and that’s it. Don’t be bringing no random people to my wedding. I gave you those plus-ones for each [person] that I want at my wedding,’ she continued.

For number five, she said she has no plans for her husband to remove her garter and toss it into the crowd of bachelors. I never have thought about this one, but it is a bit weird when you stop and think about it. I mean what is the inclination of this act?

NO KIDS and DON'T WEAR WHITE bride-to-be went viral on TikTok for sharing her wedding rules 2

‘That’s gross. I already have to kiss a man in public in front of all these people, now you want him to go under my dress and pretend to…’ she said, pretending to retch.

Rule number six is not so much a rule but a coincidence: All of her bridesmaids are LGBTQ.

Rule number seven is that on the day of the wedding, she doesn’t want to be bothered with details — so her mom has creative control.

‘Ask my mom. My mom has full creative liberty over everything. She designed my quinceañera and she made it perfect and we have been going back and forth about day of stuff,’ she said.

Her eight rule is that her guests all fully take advantage of the open bar. We definitely get that one!

‘I want you drunk, I want you wasted,’ she said, but added that this rule moves into number nine, which is no driving home drunk.

‘You guys can leave your cars there ’til the next morning — thank you to my venue for that,’ she said. ‘No drunk drivers.’

The penultimate rule is that her vendors will be treated as guests when they’re on their breaks.

That means they can eat, they can drink, and they can even take home party favors and centerpieces.

Finally, she concludes, no ‘big announcements’ are allowed.

‘If you’re pregnant, keep it to yourself. If you want to propose, keep that to yourself. Do not come to my wedding day taking the attention away from me and my man. You will be tackled.,’ she said.