Mom Meets Shirtless Football Players After Dropping Daughter Off At College

Moms can be our best friends — or sometimes, they can even be the competition!

For Avery, a college freshman at Texas State University, her orientation day wound up being the moment she realized her mom might be a cougar.

In case you’re not sure what a cougar means, it is an older woman who attracts younger men. And based on the photos Avery’s mom sent her, that definitely seems to be the case!

After getting dropped off by her mom, Avery got a series of texts telling her not to wait up because she’d made some new friends.

As it turns out, those “friends” were a bunch of shirtless, hunky football players! Does the school recruit their players based on if moms will find them cute? If so, it looks like Avery’s mom approved! You can see all the adorable pictures she took with them below.

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Her mom told her not to wait up because she’d made some friends — and these new pals were members of the university’s football team!

Avery had no idea at the time, but apparently, this photo was planned by mom for a reason.

Avery told LittleThings: “The parents were allowed to eat dinner on the football field, and the football players happened to be practicing. They told the parents that whoever took a silly selfie and posted it to the school’s organization would win a $500 scholarship, if it was the winner.

“A lot of people were trying to hide that they were taking selfies with the football players in the background. My mom decided she wasn’t going to hide trying to take a picture, so she went straight up to the football players and asked for pictures. The football players were the ones who gave the idea to do action shots.”

Little Things



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