So Easily Triggered; Liberals Can’t Take Kellyanne Conway’s Tweet About Georgia’s Special Election

Being a Democrat is hard these days.

Republicans have a little extra skip in their step today (I know I do) after the election results of the Georgia Special Election. Conservatives had a field day and letting the whiny snowflakes HAVE it on social media. Donald Trump Jr. was on fire last night.

Kellyanne was feeling a little spunky too, take a look:

Now, that’s funny. But Liberals didn’t find it so funny — It was a trigger, take a look:

President Donald Trump returned to Iowa Wednesday for a campaign-style event

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Harvard Liberal Gets FIRST job Until ‘White Male’ Boss Ask Why She’s 2 Hours Late

This one had me literally laughing out loud. And well, we’ll just keep laughing.

But Ossoff LOST! LOL ‘I lost by only a small amount’ — Yeah, but you still lost. You either win or you lose in a race. It’s just that simple.

Wow! They’ve totally lost it over Conway’s tweet. And it’s bittersweet.

h/t Chicks On The Right