Prince, who was featured as a keynote speaker for a Los Angeles summit for the Family Office Association, spoke openly about subjects that came up often at home with his father.

Prince says he is asked by fans of MJ about how different it must have been growing up with the King of Pop as a father.

“To me, he was my father first and foremost, ” Prince explained.

He continued, “I did a lot of reflection about the words that consisting came up and the first one that came to mind was compassion.”

He explained several things that resonated in his life and how MJ had compassion for the less fortunate because he came from very humble beginnings in Gary, Indiana.

“He understood what it was like to struggle and what it was like to be prosperous,” Prince said of his dad.

“First never forget to have compassion for the less fortunate,” he said.

Michael Jackson's Son 'Prince' Gets Candid On Life Lessons He Learned From His Famous Dad 1

Prince says his father reminded him and his siblings about knowing you might not understand how it feels to live the way others live. But, it is important to keep educating yourself about other cultures and ways of life. Plus, even if you are successful or wealthy it doesn’t give you the right to treat others poorly.

“You treat the janitor the same way you treat the CEO,” he said.

Original story appeared on MSN.