Maya Kowalski Netflix's heartbreaking documentary 'Take Care of Maya' Awarded Over $211 Million in Damages

A Florida jury found Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital at fault and awarded more than $211 million in damages to the family of Maya Kowalski.

In the 2018 civil suit, the jury found that the actions of staff at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital (JHAC) in St. Petersburg ultimately drove Maya’s mother, Beata Kowalski, to suicide in 2017.

The jury also awarded $50 million in punitive damages for false imprisonment, battery, medical negligence, and other charges.

“For the first time, I feel like I got justice,” Maya Kowalski, now 17, said in a statement to reporters outside of the courtroom after the decision.

Maya Kowalski sobbed as the verdict was read awarding Maya and her family more than $211 million medical malpractice case on Thursday.

A Florida judge and Florida’s Department of Children and Families sided with John Hopkin’s doctors who suspected Beata was suffering from Munchausen-by-proxy syndrome, a psychological disorder where parents fabricate their child’s illness.

The Kowalski family alleged that the doctors accused Maya of faking symptoms of complex regional pain syndrome CRPS.

The then-nine-year-old Maya was separated from her family with her mother being denied access to her daughter for 87 days while she was investigated for child abuse. The case ended tragically with Beata dying by hanging herself in the family’s home.

The family’s ordeal was detailed in the Netflix documentary “Take Care of Maya.” Maya was released back to the care of her family a week after Beata Kowalski’s suicide, the lawsuit said.

Credit: NBC, Fox, Insider, Independent, New York Times



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