Man Saves Baby in Runaway Stroller Rolling into Busy Traffic

A man saved a baby in a stroller from rolling onto a busy six-lane road after the child stroller began to roll into traffic.

The surveillance video outside a business shows the stroller rolling across the parking lot, and the baby’s caregiver can’t get up after falling. The caregiver is seen tripping and falling to the ground several times.

The incident occurred in front of a Carwash on Bear Valley Road in Hesperia, California, on Tuesday afternoon, the man, Ronald Nessman, told ABC Los Angeles Station KABC.

Nessman said he was there with his sister Donna. He had just finished a job interview at a nearby Applebee.

“I came from the interview, my sister said, ‘I want to get a car wash,’ and I said, ‘Look at the way I’m dressed … tie on, slacks, let me go change,’ and she goes, ‘No one is going to see you.'”

Witness Donna Gunderson said she heard a woman scream for help, then saw the stroller heading into the traffic. Her brother, Nessman, rushed to stop the baby stroller.

“I knew I could get [the stroller] and I got it, and I’m thankful for that because I really wouldn’t want to see the result if I wasn’t there,” he said Wednesday.

KABC reported on the incident:


NBCLA reports the speed limit on Bear Valley Road is 40 mph, though Gunderson estimated traffic was moving at least 10 mph faster than that when her brother dashed toward the busy roadway.

Ronald saved the baby and then went to check on the baby’s caregiver as another man helped the woman up.

“She tried everything she possibly could to get up,” Nessman told NBCLA. “She was still shocked and she was crying.”

“If you want something different, you’re going to do something different, and today, I want something different out of life,” he told ABC News.

Credit: ABC News, USA Today, Daily News




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