Man Ordered Domino’s Pizza Every Day For 10 Years. When He Stopped Employees Got Worried.

Job Well Done

Man Ordered Domino’s Pizza Every Day For 10 Years 1

Sarah, and her assistant manager, Jenny Seiber, were even interviewed by Good Morning America! The two managers told the story and they were congratulated for following their gut instincts and doing the right thing for Kirk. They were also asked about Kirk’s condition since they were able to visit them in the hospital.

Jenny Seiber told the host that since Kirk had been admitted to the hospital she had been to visit him three times. On the first day, Kirk was a bit out of it and could only give yes or no answers. He began to look better on the second day. By the third day, Kirk was well enough to finally move onto the rehabilitation wing. The host, Robin Roberts, then gave Jenny and Sarah a huge surprise!


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