Man Ordered Domino’s Pizza Every Day For 10 Years. When He Stopped Employees Got Worried.


Man Ordered Domino’s Pizza Every Day For 10 Years 1

Immediately an ambulance was called for Kirk. He was picked up and brought to a nearby hospital for evaluation. Apparently, Kirk had suffered from a stroke. Luckily, paramedics were able to stabilize his condition. Since Kirk was alone, no one could tell the doctors how long he was out for. So, unfortunately, his fate was uncertain.

As it turns out, thanks to the doctors, it looked like Kirk would make a full recovery. The staff at Domino’s was extremely happy to hear the good news. “We’re like a family here, and we were glad we were able to do something to help. We hope he’s able to fully recover from this,” said Sarah. Most people would consider the employees at Domino’s heroes, but they disagree.

Man Ordered Domino’s Pizza Every Day For 10 Years 2

I think we were just doing our job checking in on someone we know who orders a lot. We felt like we needed to do something,” said Sarah. Their caring actions are definitely inspiring. Even though they didn’t agree, the media went absolutely crazy over their story. As all good news does, it spread through town and local news outlets, and eventually their story was being heard nationwide!



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